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Hollywoods big secret...

Everyone from Kim Kardashian to Channing Tatum uses the Intraceuticals infusion treatment. This treatment instantly hydrates, lifts and tightens the skin. Celebrities use this treatment before any red carpet event, photo shoot, or live perforce. Madonna has been using Intraceuticals for over 10 years. She has an oxygen machine in each house and travels with the system when she's on the road. Come in to Escova Salon and experience this unique treatment for yourself. 248-647-1111

Sebastian, the company that shaped my career

Before I got into beauty school one name always captured my attention, and that was Sebastian. Sebastian haircare had the most innovative ads in every professional hair magazine in the mid eighties and on up to the 2000s. Sebastian was a product innovator. They came out with ground breaking products such as Laminates, Shaper hair spray, Molding Mud and Shpritz Forte. Not only did they have amazing haircare products, they also had a ground breaking makeup line called Trucco. Trucco cosmetics was one of the first cosmetic lines to create cream eyeshadows. Sebastian had the foresight to know clients were going to want skincare and cosmetics to merge as one. The woman behind all this greatness i

Avoid the needle....do this twice a day!

Want an alternative to Botox? Then the Atoxelene daily serum mixed with the Collagen Booster serum, applied twice a day is your perfect combo to keep lines and wrinkles away. Pick yours up today in my online store.

My love of the Vidal Sassoon method

Before I became a full time makeup artist I was a hairdresser working behind the chair as well as teaching hair cutting classes for the assistants in the salon. I knew from the beginning of going to cosmetology school, that I wanted to attend classes at Vidal Sassoon. Vidal Sassoon in the beauty world is considered the Harvard of hairdressing. Sassoon himself created timeless haircuts and revolutionized the way we approach haircutting today. Every major hair company in business today Uses various techniques from Vidal Sassoon. Many great hairdressers have taken the Sassoon method and changed it up to make it more simple or use elements of the Sassoon way to inspire new approaches to cutting

February is your month to find your Perfect Match

The Boosters from Intraceuticals is a great way to target specific skin needs. Choose from 4 different Boosters to stimulate collagen, correct sun damage, stimulate skin cell renewal, and revive tired skin. The best way to experience these amazing results, is with an Intraceuticals Booster infusion treatment. This will infuse these special ingredients deep into the skin. Allowing them to work from the inside. Then choose a daily Booster serum to use at home to maintain your infusion treatment. Feel free to mix any Booster serum with the Rejuvenate or Opulence daily serum to enhance the benefits. Or use two different Booster serums, one in the morning and one in the evening. To further custom

Stressed over acne or congested skin issues? Then Clarity from Intraceuticals can help

The 3 to 6 week Clarity course kit is an amazing product. See your blemishes, white heads, black heads, and milia fade away. This course kit calms and cools the skin instantly. Giving clients clearer skin by the next day after the one treatment. AS with any skin condition, you always have to manage it. The Clarity course kit and home care products help keep the skin from becoming further clogged. And delivers multiple weights of hyaluronic acid to keep the skin from drying out. Get your Clarity course kit today at Escova Salon 248-647-1111

Just one more thing...

I had to add a couple more things to this years spring makeup looks from the runway. I added Rose synthetique and Mare-chiaro #938 eyepencil. They use the Rose synthetique on the eyes and cheeks for the Spring Haute Couture show. Pink was a main focal point for the makeup this year. Its great to see that soft blush tone on the face with all the beautiful clothes on the runway. The Mare-chiaro eyeliner is part of the main spring collection. its a great light metallic green. Perfect for using in the water line to give a bit of pop to the eye. Or to high light the colors in the Les 9 Ombres eyeshadow pallet.

Bloom into spring!

As usually Chanel keeps enticing us with new colors. Not only did they do a great 9 pallet eyeshadow collection for spring. But they also added a beautiful limited edition pastel makeup collection. These colors are so pretty and extremely wearable. The mint color in the eyeshadow quad is what sold me on that pallet. It's refreshing to see some new pastel shades for spring. I really enjoy the colors in the Les 9 Ombres eyeshadow pallet. But they are more neutral with a pop of color. The new quad Premiere Eclosion feels more like spring. I really like the 2 new single shadows in Nuage Bleu and Blooming Rose. They are great to add into existing shades you currently wear to give them a lighter f

JM BEAUTY 5 at Escova Salon


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