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Change your skin in 6 weeks

The Rejuvenate 6 week course kit from Intraceuticals will lift, tighten, and hydrate your skin instantly. See your skin transform after one treatment. Escova Salon 248-647-1111

Dior Homme fall 2018 does it again

Going through my Instagram feeds and seeing all the amazing stuff coming out from Dior Homme made me excited for mens fashion. I personally like when designers mix fabrics and textures in a very well constructed manner. Gaultier has always done that with his mens clothing line. It's a shame he no longer does mens wear. So Dior Homme to the rescue! There is nothing better than seeing well constructed suits tailored with such precision. those are the suits that always catch my eye. And the type of suit I feel the most confidant wearing. I posted a few suits that I feel were the best of the collection and I would personally wear and own. Take a look at the whole show to make your own wish list

Not sure what Intraceuticals products are right for you? Then read below to make and easy choice

Choosing the right skincare products can be hard. Especially if you'er a new customer to a skincare line your either not familiar with? Or might be afraid to try. Well, Intraceuticals has made it easy for anyone to find the right products to help with any skin conditions you may want to correct. Just print off this chart from Intraceuticals and number each area of concern from 1 to 10. 10 being the most important. And I can help you find the right Infusion treatments or home care products to suit your needs. It's that easy! Either make an appointment at Escova Salon. Or send your filled out chart to my email on my website and I can help you make the right recommendations for your skincare ne

The reason Chanel Haute Couture is worth every penny you pay for it

Haute Couture is something most people in the world cannot afford. It is truly a luxury to be able to purchase this type of art. Literaly every piece that is made, is all done by hand. Everything that is created for a dress, jacket, shoe, or accessory is from scratch. Hours and hours of craftsmanship goes into making one piece. One jacket can take 2000 hours to make by hand. And several ateliers may work on one piece to make it a perfect fit for your body. 30 different measurements are taken of your body. and the item you purchase is exclusively yours. No one else can have the same piece unless they get permission from the owner of the garment. You would never have to worry about running int

Chanel Haute Couture Spring-Summer 2018

Chanel does it again. Karl Lagerfeld always amazes me time and time again. Every collection he does is flawless. Every detail is thought out and perfectly executed. I really love when Chanel does Haute Couture. I think its Chanels strongest attribute. Karl is always thinking outside the box, yet everything is very wearable and not too artsy. Im going to post a few pictures of the outfits that are my favorite in the collection. Take some time to check out the video of the whole collection. As always it's quite stunning.

Get that runway glow. With Intraceuticals

Intraceuticals is often used back stage at major fashion shows all over the world. Check out a couple of shows to see how having healthy, glowing skin makes the models even more confident in walking the runway.

Atoxelene...Magic in a wand

Check out why Atoxelene is the secret to minimizing lines and wrinkles instantly! Get even greater results with and Atoxelene Infusion Treatment. Book your appointment today at Escova Salon 248-647-1111

Gina Brooke talking about the magic of Intraceuticals

Check out this video about the 3 step layering system from Intraceuticals. Now you know why all of Gina's celebrity clients look flawless. It's the Intraceuticals Infusion Treatment. Book your appointment today at Escova Salon 248-647-1111

Chanel spring colors!

Spring has come early this year from Chanel. Ive used and enjoyed using Chanel cosmetics since 1997. And every season they never stop impressing me. This season Chanel launched a 9 eyeshadow eye pallet. I was quite surprised because normally they only do a 4 or 5 pan eyeshadow pallet. But this year they shook up the game. The colors are beautiful. Green, blue, browns, peach and gold. Perfect for a soft smokey spring makeup. I also picked up the new cream shadow in Verderane. A beautiful emerald blue green color. It's the perfect color to use a base. Or even to just use alone for a soft color. I defiantly recommend checking this collection before its gone. Most all of the collection is limite

How to care for you Monofibre or Prolin hair extensions.

Once you get comfortable wearing your new Monofibre or Prolin hair extensions, you'll want to take the best care of them. That they will always look their best and stay hassle free. You can use just about any shampoo, conditioner or styling products on them. I would suggest avoiding anything with too much silicone or oils in the products to prevent the extensions from slipping out or sliding down the hair shaft. Remember Monofibre and Prolin do not use bonding agents to hold them in. So products using silicones are oils may cause the extensions to fall out sooner. Monofibre and Prolin are not porous. So there is no need to use heavy conditioning treatments on them. Buy using the Frequent Use

Antenna Salon hair styling products

Back in the late 80s and early 90s. Dome and Antenna Salon had great hair styling products. thankfully for DOME Cosmetics they still make these classic products. I still use these products today in my own hair. I forgot how great they still are. Blue spirt gel. a medium hold gel. Will give a wet or dray look. great for blowing hair out to give body and bounce without stiff or sticky feel. Washes out easily. this is one of my favorite gels! Petro White Pomade. a classic pomade that gives shine and definition. slick your hair back with this. or use it to define the texture in your hair. easily washes out. HydroLac hairspray. A pump style spray, that is a medium to firm hold. HydroLac is reall

1, 2, 3..FIRE!...Rapid Fire!

Time is a precious thing. Thats why Intraceuticals has the perfect answer to anyone who is time poor and needs results fast! Introducing the 3 week course kits from Intraceuticals. Choose from Rejuvenate or Opulence Infusion Treatments to address your skins needs. Rejuvenate to lift, tighten and hydrate your skin. Opulence to illuminate, brighten and tighten your skin. Both kits contain the travel sizes of the 3 step hyaluronic layering system. That way, you can maintain your new results at home. You can have the a treatment done once a week for 3 weeks. Or really speed the process up and have 3 treatments done in rapid succession with in one week, to have your skin in peak perfection for t

Suffering from acne or congested skin? Let Clarity from Intraceuticals fix your problems.

dTeens, tweens, and adults all suffer from acne or congested skin at some point in their life. Clarity from Intraceuticals is the perfect answer to fight back. The Clarity Infusion Treatments as well as the home care products help clear skin blockages from oil, abnormal cell turnover, and acne causing bacteria. Clarity uses ingredients like Salicylic Acid, Ginger Root Extract, and Vitamin C to help smooth the skins surface to increase product absorption, calm redness and irritation, as well as brightens and softens the skins appearance. The key to having very successful management of acne or congested skin is the Clarity Infusion Treatments. It's highly recommended to purchase a Clarity 6 w

Dark spots? Hyper Pigmentation? Melasma? Opulence from Intraceuticals to the rescue

Opulence from Intraceuticals really packs a punch. These treatments and products are focused on lightening and brightening skin discoloration. As well as hydrating your skin with multiple weights of Hyaluronic Acid. Opulence contains 2 very special ingredients. Nonapeptide-1 is an amino acid that reduces the production of skin pigmentation, and prevents it from becoming darker over time. It can help minimize melanin synthesis by 33% with 6 weeks of use. Rumex Occidentalis Extract is a plant extract that slows down pigmentation. This extract is very good at treating melasma. Melasma is a skin condition often found more in women than in mens skin from hormone imbalances. Rumex Occidentialis

Not ready for Botox? Then Atoxelene is your answer!

Atoxelene is one of the most amazing products from Intraceuticals. This unique product helps to smooth and soften fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, lips and forehead. Two special ingredients Acetyl Octapeptide-3 and Hibiscus Extract work to reduce the depth of wrinkles and help tighten the skin. Botox is a neurotoxin. This paralyzes the muscles. Atoxelene is a neuropeptide. Peptides are amino acids. These amino acids help relax the muscles so that you can still make facial expressions while reducing the tension in the facial muscles. The ultimate way to experience Atoxelene is to have an Atoxelene Infusion treatment. This way the Atoxelene is deeply infused into the skin where it can

Does your skin need a Boost?

Boosters from Intraceuticals offers a unique way to customize your skincare regimen. Choose from 4 different Boosters that contain targeted additives that can be used alone or added to your Daily Serum (Step 1). Each Booster listed below also has a coordinating Booster Infusion Treatment. The Booster Infusion Treatments are great to really target exact needs. Or perfect as a maintenance treatment after completing any 6 week course kit. Make an appointment at Escova Salon to experience a Booster Infusion Treatment for yourself. And check out my online store where you can pick up any Booster of your choice to enhance your current skincare program.

Intraceuticals The 6 week course kit

Want to transform your skin in 6 weeks or less? Then the Intraceuticals 6 week course kits are you answer. These special serums made up of low weight hyaluronic acid, vitamins, antioxidants and peptides are infused into the skin using oxygen under pressure. The serums are sprayed on the the skin and a bubble of oxygen forms between the tip of the applicator and your skin. This drives the serums deep into the layers of the skin where it can work from the inside. The results from having just one treatment with give you tighter, more lifted, and deeply hydrated skin. Your skin will begin glowing again and looking younger than it did before. One treatment will last 5 to 7 days depending on how h

Intraceuticals, the celebrity secret to perfect skin

Welcome to the amazing world of Intraceuticals. Intraceuticals is an Australin company that is a global brand. Its available in 60 countries and over 4000 locations worldwide. They are the innovators of the oxygen infusion treatment. These treatments are special serums made up of low weight hyaluronic acid, vitamins A, C,& E, green tea, aloe and peptides. The treatment is applied using oxygen under pressure to infuse special serums deep into the layers of the skin. Allowing the treatment to work from the inside out. There is no pain or downtime to any of the treatments. Clients often fall asleep because of how relaxing the treatment is while its performed. The results are instant. Your skin

JM BEAUTY 5 at Escova Salon


387 S Old Woodward Birmingham, MI 48009

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